About Thalassemia


The three main types of beta thalassemia are

Beta thalassemia trait

  • (also called beta thalassemia minor). People with beta thalassemia minor may have mild anaemia, but usually don’t need any medical treatment. All Beta Thalassemia major and Intermedia Patient have both Parents who have Thalassemia Trait

Beta thalassemia intermedia

  • People with beta thalassemia intermedia have moderately severe anaemia, show symptoms normally after the age of 2 Years and some will need blood transfusions and other medical treatment. Blood transfusions deliver healthy haemoglobin and RBCs to the body

Beta thalassemia major

  • (also called Cooley’s anaemia). People with beta thalassemia major have life-threatening anaemia and usually start showing symptoms before the Age of 2 yrs. They need regular blood transfusions and other medical care