Donate Liberally For the Noble Cause:     

  • Donations of Rs 5.00 Lakhs and above will be kept in the form of CORPUS FUND in the name of the donor and the interest earned out of that will be spent for the expenses of the child whom it is sponsored for.
  • Adopt a Thalassemia child and bear the cost of its treatment for ONE YEAR. Cost of treatment for one child for one year is around Rs 50,000/-
  • Pay for the cost of ONE DAY expenditure of SAMRAKSHA Center. Average expenditure incurred at Samraksha center for One Day is around Rs.60,000/-
  • Adopt a Thalassemia child and bear the medical expenses- Rs 5,000/- per month.

Note:- Donations to Samraksha in the Name of Rashtrotthana Parishat are exempted from Income Tax under Sec 80G.

Occasions When You Can Donate:   

  • To celebrate birth days of your loved ones.
  • In memory of any of your loved ones.
  • During auspicious and ritual performances.
  • To celebrate birth day of Thalassemia child.
  • In the name of your parents.
  • On May 8th, the day of ‘World Thalassemia Day’

Donation Form:

Core objective of this project: No Child should die because of Thalassemia.